Seasonal British Tasting Plates,
with a Sunshine Influence

Please note, this is a sample menu;
Ingredients evolve and new

dishes are added regularly.


White bean crostini, capers
and lemon     2.5 each

Cornmeal fried spring onions, 
smoked chilli aioli     4

Sumac lamb scrumpets
and pomegranate molasses     4

Small plates

Jersey Royals, asparagus,
soft boiled egg and za’atar     6

Baby leaf and herb salad, golden
raisins and Berkswell     6

Burrata, pea and fennel,
mint gremolata and lardo     8

Polenta crusted anchovies,
wild garlic and onion salad      8

Cornish crab thermidor
with crusty bread      8

Sea trout, cucumber and
seaweed butter    9

Chicken agnolotti
with lemon and watercress     7

Chipotle roast pigeon, charred
baby gem and carrot     8

Spiced beef short rib,
purple sprouting broccoli     10


Rhubarb with ginger,
vanilla yoghurt and shortbread     5

A plate of Neal’s Yard cheeses     10